Evidence-Based Resources for Speech Language Pathologists

Hi, I'm Vani. I run a private Speech Pathology practice in Sydney, Australia. My passion is working with people to improve their communication skills, and supporting other Speech Pathologists to do the same. I create lots of resources for my therapy sessions, and I want to share them with you!

  • Language Therapy Resources

    Work at word, sentence and story level to develop children's receptive and expressive language using these resources. I provide brief summaries of current evidence from the research literature, as well as multiple therapy and goal ideas for suggested uses.

    Language Therapy Resources 
  • Speech Therapy Resources

    Articulation/Phonology resources for children with speech sound disorders. Access printable digital downloads of picture cards for various speech sounds and phonological processes. I like to use bright, clear pictures in speech therapy activities as this is more motivating for children. I also give these picture cards for homework practice.

    Speech Therapy Resources 
  • Literacy Resources

    Phonological Awareness and Morphological Awareness are key aspects of language and learning that many Speech Pathologists may wish to address with preschool and school age children. Finding the right resources can sometimes be tricky, so I'll be sharing some of the ones I use in my sessions.

    Coming Soon